5 ways to become the most talked about vet practice in town


If you need to make an important purchase, do you prefer to buy from a business you’ve never heard or a business whose logo you’re familiar with or which you’ve heard recommended? Your reputation and profile matter so try these 5 ways to boost the profile of your vet practice locally:

  1. Get some positive editorial coverage in the local media. Issue press releases about unusual patient stories, charity initiatives or other news to raise your profile
  2. Make sure you are using your social media platforms to increase your reach and engagement with pet owners. Social media is a powerful weapon. Are you using your website and facebook to maximum effect? If you’re not sure how, get some help.
  3. Get involved with local schools – offer talks, competitions and other collaborations. In addition to encouraging responsible pet ownership in the children, this type of activity will help to promote your services to their parents and they will start appearing in your waiting room
  4. Support local community and business groups – offer help, talks and sponsorship. The more you network in your local community, the more opportunities will present themselves to promote your practice
  5. Make friends with related businesses. Seek collaboration with local groomers, dog walkers and local animal charities. The relationships can prove mutually highly beneficial, especially as a source of recommendation.

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